All You Ever Wanted to Know About Watercolor Supplies (but Were Afraid to Ask)

Here's who this is for... You love the look of watercolor and don't know how to get started You're overwhelmed by all the different supplies and want just the essentials You've been painting in watercolor for awhile, but you're curious to what supplies ( and brands) that I use on a regular basis. Here's what… Continue reading All You Ever Wanted to Know About Watercolor Supplies (but Were Afraid to Ask)


Art Trends: Inspiration from the Farm

Join me to see some of my museum favorites, as well as contemporary art that’s trending now. Here are more resources for professional farm animal photographs, suggested by fans: Facebook group: "Photos for Artists" If, like me, you simply can’t wait to start creating new pieces of farm animal art of… Continue reading Art Trends: Inspiration from the Farm

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Motivated

When it comes to getting motivated to develop a creative habit, there’s no single right approach. However, there are strategies that you can apply once you figure out what makes you uniquely you. The better you understand yourself, the easier it will be to get motivated-- whether we are talking about art, work or health… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Getting Motivated

What Your Art Collection Says About You

As well as brightening up our living room, our choice of art also reflects our interests and personality. Having original art in your home is a powerful way of stating who you are to the world. Art is a conversation starter, and a powerful way of spreading positive messages. Express YourselfWhen you surround yourself with… Continue reading What Your Art Collection Says About You